About us

Diversity of disciplines at the Faculty of Arts and the outstanding quality of research creates a unique academic environment with an impact extending far beyond the Czech context. This is of course reflected in the FA publishing activity. Publications by our staff members often represent the highest standard and serve as basic reference titles in their fields.

Faculty of Arts Press publishes monographs, textbooks and academic journals concerned with different fields of the humanities. It has seven regular editions: Opera Facultatis philosophicae Universitatis Carolinae Pragensis (representative titles), Fontes (history), Humanitas (social sciences and education), Medium (translations of medieval literature), Mnemosyne (art history and theory), Trivium (philosophy and philology) and Varia (grant publications). Moreover, FA Press publishes fourteen Open Access journals and takes care of distribution of books and journals published by the individual departments, including the philosophical and philological journals Acta Universitatis Carolinae.

Each year, FA Press takes part in the biggest book fair in the Czech Republic, Svět knihy, and in the fair of small publishers Knihex. Its publications have received a number of prestigious awards, such as the Dictionary of the Year Award for A Glossary of the Czech Avant-Garde in 2013, the Rector’s Prize or the Josef Hlávka Prize.