Setkávání kultur. Identity, ideologie, jazyky

Olga Lomová, Jitka Malečková, Karel Šima a kol.

The authors of the collective publication reflect on the changes that have occurred since time immemorial due to the encounter and clash of different cultures. They discuss the topic in the context of the interrelated issues of cultural identity, ideas and ideologies, or religion, and the development of languages. The individual case studies cover a long historical period from antiquity to the present, with a focus on several disciplines: history, anthropology, Islamology, Egyptology and linguistics. The different ways of seeking answers to common questions provide a step-by-step insight into cross-cultural encounters in their diversity and demonstrate the fundamental importance of the never-ending process of interaction between different cultures in shaping human civilization.

Authors: Pavel Sládek, Lukáš Perutka, Marek Jakoubek, Markéta Křížová, Jitka Malečková, Karel Šima, Jakub Koláček, Pavel Ťupek, Zora Hesová, Jakub Ort, Diana Míčková, Petr Zemánek, Jiří Milička, Hana Štěříková, Lukáš Zádrapa.