École de Paris a čeští umělci v meziválečné Paříži

Anna Pravdová

When you say “Czech artists in interwar Paris”, everyone today thinks of the names František Kupka, Josef Šíma, Jindřich Štyrský and Toyen. When the same thing was said to the art-loving Parisian of the twenties, the names Georges Kars, Othon Coubine and François Zdenek or François Maurice Eberl came to mind in the first place. This book is especially dedicated to them, which tries to map their movement on the interwar art scene in France, especially in its capital, and to explore the context and mechanisms of their Parisian activity, participation in art salons, solo exhibitions in galleries and the reception of their work by contemporary criticism on several examples. The book does not neglect other “Parisians” Alén Diviš and Edita Hirschová. It thus becomes an irreplaceable complete picture preserved by Czech artists working in Paris.

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