Ozvěny antiky v srdci Evropy

Helena Tůmová – Lenka Vacinová (eds.)


Over the centuries, the intellectual and material legacy of ancient Greece and Rome has fundamentally shaped contemporary Western European culture and resonates in it to this day. The works of art of antiquity were not only an object of admiration and collector’s passion, but also an ideal and an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration. The desire to own, imitate and create was present, albeit in more subdued tones, naturally in the Czech environment. The fascinating world of these ancient echoes is captured by the publications through the eyes of ten authors (Jan Bažant, Marian Hochel, Stanislava Kučová, Šárka Radostová, Patrik Líbal, Eva Lukášová, Petja Matějovič, Eliška Petřeková, Roman Prahl, Helena Tůmová, Lenka Vacinová). The individual studies are complemented by rich pictorial material.

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