Raněnovověká bohemikální hagiografie o českých patronech

The Czech Patron Saints in Early Modern Bohemian Hagiography: a Bibliography of Legends, Sermons, and Related Texts on the Patron Saints of Kingdom of Bohemia and Margraviate of Moravia printed in ca. 1550–1750. This publication deals with the issue of state or national patron saints (in Czech zemští patroni, in German Landespatronen), specifically the Czech or Bohemian patron saints (i. e. heavenly protectors of Bohemia itself, possibly of Moravia as leading associate state of the Bohemian Crown and integral part of the Bohemian church province at this period). This type of saints played an important role in shaping ethnic and national identity. At the same time, it shows the inner diversity and variety of the Catholic religion, though interconnecting universal Christian themes with specific and unique local environment and memory. While specific texts have traditionally been studied, this publication aims to give a precondition for a more holistic and comparative approach based on analyse as many variants of a given narrative as possible to better understand its influence and role within collective memory and consciousness.

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