Created for eternity: the greatest discoveries of Czech Egyptology

English edition of the book Stvořené pro věčnost: největší objevy české egyptologie (2018) by Miroslav Bárta, Ladislav Bareš, Jaromír Krejčí, Mohamed Megahed, Lenka Varadzinová).

The one hundred and forty objects in this book represent the same number of extraordinary moments of resurrection of unique artifacts of the ancient civilizations in the Nile Valley and adjacent areas. Every one of them is a symbol of the time when it was made, and affords us a glimpse into the world of which it was a part. You are holding in your hands the best of what the expeditions of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, that have worked in Egypt, the Egyptian Western Desert and the Sudan for decades, achieved to return to this world. In 2019 Charles University, its Faculty of Arts, and the Czech Institute of Egyptology are celebrating the hundredth birthday of Czech Egyptology. It is an important centenary not only for us, but for archaeology globally. For many years now Czech Egyptologists have been among world leaders in the field, making major breakthroughs (most recently the discovery of the tomb of the priest Kaires) – and helping to set new international research trends. This book presents the most important discoveries of Czech Egyptologists and the range and variety of their activities.

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