From Aswan to Khartoum. Czech archaeological explorations between the Nile cataracts

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Vydavatel: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta

ISBN 978-80-7308-672-5

Rok vydání: 2016 (1. vydání)

Vazba: Brožovaná

Rozsah: 55 stran

Jazyk: anglický

Doporučená cena: 202,- Kč

Obálka, grafický design, sazba: Zdeněk Mazač

Tisk: SERIFA, s. r. o.

This book is concerned with the field research carried out in the Middle Nile region by the expeditions of the Czech (former Czechoslovak) Institute of Egyptology (Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague). The field projects described include the works performed in Lower Nubia in the framework of the UNESCO-organised salvage campaign necessitated in the 1960s by the building of the Aswan High Dam and, more recently, two research projects initiated by the Institute in the Sudan following an invitation by the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums in 2009. The overview of the field projects is set into a broader context of the civilizational developments in the Middle Nile region and the history of its uncovering from the 19th century onwards. In that way, this richly illustrated book can serve as an introduction into the archaeology and cultural heritage of the Middle Nile.