Tis to Create & in Creating Live. Essays in Honour of Martin Procházka

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Vydavatel: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta

ISBN 978-80-7308-445-5

Rok vydání: 2013 (1. vydání)

Vazba: V2

Rozsah: 327 stran

Jazyk: anglický, český

Doporučená cena: 250,- Kč; 12 EUR

Obálka: lazarus

Sazba: OP

Tisk: HRG, s.r.o., Litomyšl

The essays gathered here to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Martin Procházka Professor of English, American and Comparative Literature at Charles University, Prague testify to the range of both his scholarly interests and his international collaborations. Thematically arranged, this collection is offered by long-term professional associates, colleagues and former students as an engagement with the multiple areas of Professor Procházka’s expertise (Romanticism, Shakespeare Studies, Critical and Cultural Theory, American Studies) and a personal tribute to a formidably passionate intellectual, fervent in argument but unwaveringly generous and benevolent to friends and associates alike, a dedicated organiser and instigator, a paver of challenging paths, and, last but not least, a creative thinker.