Interpreting in Namibia: Past and Present

This e-book shows one part of the book Jak se tlumočilo a tlumočí v Namibii (by Jelizaveta Getta), that has been translated form Czech into English. Its subject covers interpreting in Namibia during its existence as a German colony (1884–1915), in particular it deals with the intercultural communication between the local residents and German colonists. One of the crucial problems was the range of linguistic and cultural differences that made the communication very complicated. This paper explores the role, status, working conditions and competences of interpreters in the areas where their services were mostly needed – law, religion and diplomacy. Many of the findings are partly intertwined with  modern interpretation theory and practice, making it possible to apply some of the crucial theoretic claims on the colonial time. Interpreting involves a lot of interdisciplinary knowledge from various fields of study. The goal of this master thesis is to overview a broad context, including the conveying of Bible translations in Namibia and interpreting services after the end of the colony.